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Voice over IP technology is allowing modern businesses to slash their monthly recurring telco costs dramatically while providing unparalleled improvement in features over previous generation technology. We can assist your organization with the following telephony challenges:


  • ​Management of existing VOIP based phone systems.

  • Installation of new 3CX VOIP phone systems.

  • Resale of SIP and other phone connectivity.

- Internet

Geeks 4 Lease does not sell Internet service. Instead, we focus on helping clients chose the right provider, type of connection, and other details. We then negotiate the best rate possible on you behalf with our partner agents.

3CX VOIP Phone Systems


While Geeks 4 Lease can implement and support a wide variety of VOIP equipment, we prefer 3CX as it is easy to setup and maintain, works with a wide variety of equipment, hast a vast array of features, and is priced quite low. For more information about the 3CX PBX, please download and review the documents below.

Download Whitepaper - Top 10 Advantages of 3CX


Geeks 4 Lease has formed a relationship with Sandler Partners, a private consultancy and auditing firm specializing in telecom service. Let us put you in touch with their qualified personnel who can help you select from 100+ telco carriers and Internet service providers. At no cost or obligation, their knowledgeable agents will perform a comprehensive audit of your organization's Internet and Telephone services. They will then provide you with a list of vetted service providers who can lower your costs and / or provide you with better service. Their process is laid out below:


  • Perform a comprehensive analysis of identified service bills (Local, Long-Distance, Data, Internet, and Wireless).

  • Identify, tabulate and report any specific billing errors or overcharges.

  • Eliminate unnecessary services and charges.

  • Proactively search for alternative carrier solutions and outline savings opportunities

  • Implement rate reductions.


Start saving money today!  Contact Nicole Folino  and let us get the process started for you at no cost or obligation. The only thing you have to lose, is your large monthly Internet / phone bills.

Cox Business


Cox Business offers a variety of telecommunications services in the Las Vegas area. With competitive rates, rock solid connectivity, and outstanding service, Cox is our preferred telecommunications vendor in the Las Vegas area. In addition to their high speed Internet service, Cox also offers their VOIP connectivity coupled with their IP Centrex call manager. See below for more information.



If you need telephone or Internet services in the Las Vegas area, contact Cesareo today!

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