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You would be hard pressed to go a week in the business world today without hearing about the "cloud". But a lot of the talk is hype and many of the solutions have serious drawbacks which may expose your organization to data loss / breach, downtime, incompatibilities and other serious issues. Let us help your organization cut through the cloud fog, and find mature solutions which can help your orginization reduce costs, increase uptime, and provide better remote access to your data.

Geeks 4 Lease proudly offers the following services:

  • Hosted Exchange Email

  • Office 365

  • Hosted QuickBooks

  • Public / Private Cloud



A perfect service for organizations looking to dip their foot into the cloud. Hosted Exchange provides a very cost effective solution for small and mid-sized businesses. In fact, it is no longer cost effective in most cases for small orginizations to run their own internal email server. Microsoft is no longer bundling this popular software with their "Small Business Server" product, and are pushing most SMBs to this solution. Let Geeks 4 Lease host your Microsoft Exchange in our private cloud, or have Geeks 4 Lease manage your hosted Exchange in Microsoft's Office 365 public cloud.

Geeks 4 lease also specializes in NO DOWNTIME migrations to any Exchange "cloud" environment. Let us help your organization migrate today!



Office 365 from Microsoft offers a number of excellent solutions for small and medium businesses. However, we have found that a number of business have had difficulty with selecting the correct services, implementation / migration, and ongoing maintenance and modifications. Geeks 4 Lease can provide you with assistance planning, migrating, and maintaining your cloud environment. We can also couple this with concierge support services that bundle your local IT and cloud IT support together.


Geeks 4 Lease provides support for a number of CPA / financial firms. During the course of our work with these clients we have come to intimately learn the problems and needs for these types of firms. Our technology provides full blow desktop version of QuickBooks (not the web / cloud version Intuit offers). Financial service firms can resell this service to their clients, and both client and financial services provider can easily access the QuickBooks file from anywhere (no accounting copies back and forth). Additionally, our service provides a single sign on to access all of your client's QuickBooks files. No more frustration dealing with connecting to client networks to work on their QuickBooks files. Finally, we offer 2X authentication to ensure the most secure access to this sensitive data.


Do you store data that is unsuitable for the public cloud environment? Prefer to have a local datacenter / service provider? Have a special need that public cloud services cannot fulfill? Geeks 4 Lease can host your IT infrastructure, data, applications, or virtual desktop infrastructure in our private cloud solution. Our infrastructure is hosted at the Switch SuperNap in Las Vegas, NV, a world class datacenter. Scalability, security, reliability. All the benefits of public cloud, but customized to meet any organizations specific IT requirements.


Ready to make the big jump to the public cloud? Not sure where to start, or need some heavy lifting to help your organization migrate?  Geeks 4 Lease works with a number of public cloud platforms to provide your organization with many choices for cost effective, secure, scalable and reliable public cloud services. Whether you prefer Amazon Web Services, Rackspace, Azure, Google, or any other public cloud service you can rely on us to provide world class support for your public cloud infrastructure.

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