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How can we help?

Geeks 4 Lease has solutions for a wide variety of business large to small. From clients who already have in-house IT but would like additional help, to folks looking to outsource their entire IT support to us, we have a solution to fit your organization like a glove.

Geeks 4 Lease provides IT support under the following models:

Outsourced IT / Managed Services


Supplemental IT

Hourly IT Support and Consulting

Continue reading below to find out more about each model, and learn which model best fits your organization.

Outsourced IT



Geeks 4 Lease provides an excellent solution for small and medium businesses who routinely require  IT support and maintenance. Our outsourced IT clients enjoy the same benefits they would have with an in-house IT department at a fraction of the cost. But we don't just stop there, we do IT better!

CFOs love us because we provide organizations all-inclusive IT support for a fixed monthly fee and we bundle in the services you need to run your business. No surprise renewals or overages. One simple monthly bill to pay and predictable monhtly costs. Lower costs than competitors, and much lower price than in-house support staff.


CEOs love us because we make technology easy to understand, helping them make decisions to reduce their cost of ownership, increase employee productivity, and provide their customers with better service. No tech employees to hire / manage. No employee overhead. No sick days. 24 hr support, 365 days a year. High levels of uptime, with no excuses.


Employees love us because we respond quickly to their issues, and in a friendly supportive manner. Our techs are personable, friendly and knowledgeable.

Program includes (but not limited to):


  • Unlimited business hours IT support for all of your devices and applications.

  • Routine automated and manual maintenance.

  • Monitoring of all workstations, applications, servers, network devices, and printers.

  • Backup services, monitoring, and remediation.
    Monitored and remediated antivirus.

  • Managed anti-spam.

  • Patch management.

  • Off-site backups.

  • Virtual CTO.
    Vendor management.

  • Afterhours 24x365 support available when needed.


What makes our monthly plans different?


1.) No commitment. We believe that you will be so happy with us, that you will keep us as your IT services provider for years to come. Many of our competitors feel the need to lock clients into costly contracts and then underdeliver services.

2.) All-inclusive service plans. Many of our competitors sign clients up for monthly managed service contracts, but then still bill them a lot of money every month for extras that are not included like fees for onsite work, workstation swaps, or other items we include. Chargeable items limited to afterhours support, and MAJOR project work (with quotes provided in advance).

3.) No "setup fee". Again, we believe you will be so happy with our services that we are willing to risk the time investment to onboard your company and roll out service. Why pay a bunch of money upfront and risk being let down by poor support.



Supplemental IT Supprt



Have an existing IT department, but need a little help? Geeks 4 Lease can work with your existing IT department and provide a number of services to help your current IT staff better meet your organization’s needs.


  • Project work such as server migrations, email migrations, new server deployments, VOIP, disaster recovery, virtualization, 3rd party software deployments, etc.

  • IT consultation. We can help you research, plan, and deploy a wide variety of hardware / software.

  • Helpdesk software which includes full support and customization. Allows for easy escalation of requests to our team. Customer portal so that end users can manage service requests.

  • Remote monitoring and maintenance. Geeks 4 Lease can deploy our software agent to workstations or servers, allowing us to perform proactive monitoring of your systems, automated maintenance, patch management, and many other features that make your IT department more effective. More efficiency in your existing IT department means less expense for your organization overall. Before you hire an additional IT person to meet demand, let us show you how we can automate a lot of the existing work, freeing up more time for other tasks.

  • Backup software (and monitoring), offsite backups, antivirus, antispam and other similar services.

  • Outsourced helpdesk.

  • Vacation / illness coverage.




If you have an organization that only needs infrequent IT support, we also provide services billed by the hour and can often provide flat-rate per project pricing. We offer very competitive billing rates, and have experienced engineers who get the work done quickly and efficiently. No "block hour" billing, just pay for what you use! You don't need to purchase 20 hours at a time to get the best rate, we always provide the best available rates for our clients. No "junior" engineers taking twice as long to do something as it should!


  • Flat rate pricing available for many projects.

  • Pay as you go. No need to pre-purchase block time.

  • Experienced engineers, for quick and accurate work.


  • Perfect for organization with limited / Infrequent IT needs.


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